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Nagpur Horse Riding Club is situated at NAFS National Campus, Nagpur (Maharashtra) Premises spread around in 5 Acres with Natural & Beautiful Environment. It is exclusive club which is equipped with quality stables, a well-maintained riding court, various accommodation facilities and available all kind of horse breeds like Marwari, Kathiawari, Therobreeds, Sindhi, Ablak, Arabians, Ponies & also War Horses.

Nagpur Horse Riding Club organized by NAFS Fire and Safety Organisation registered under the Government Society Act 1860 and 1950. NAFS Head-Quarter Located at the Center of the India- "Nagpur - The Orange City", Maharashtra. NAFS is a National Awarded Organization and also ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Group of Organization. NAFS Founded in 2008 by Shri Sureshjee Meshram Sir for serve service to Nation in the field of Fire and Safety as well as Emergency Planning. He is the person who spent his whole life for Educating society from each level. Main motto of Nagpur Horse Riding Club is that To promote every types of horse riding activities which is the feel of real adventure for everyone and develop a love & care for horses which is the most historical & beautiful animal of the universe.

Everyone can start riding at any age with us in safe and fun environment,introducing the fundamentals of horsemanship and riding techniques. Whether you are a new or experienced rider, you can improve your riding skills with lessons from our knowledgeable trainers. We provide private and group lessons on a daily basis with a focus on everything from Walk to Gallop skills, We encourage riders of all ages who strive to achieve the highest standards in horse riding as well as their appreciation and understanding of the horse. We enthusiastically volunteer our time to introduce and develop riding skills for riders at all levels. We offer riding classes for beginners, pony rides for kids from the age of 5 onwards and train our committed riders to compete in Dressage, Show-Jumping and Eventing. We can make all of your riding fantasies come true because riding with us is truly Fun, Exciting and Adventurous.

Horse riding is a King of Sports. It’s a complete full body workout and creates a Confidence Level, Core Strength, Balance & Co-ordination, Mental Power in the human body. It’s always fascinating to learn and ride on Horse; we have come up, to make your dream come true, with the majestic, magnificent Horses. Our Club gives you Exhilarating and Unforgettable Experience.

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