Courses And Donation Details

1. Basic Horse Riding Course 25 Classes Rs.10,000
2. Advance Horse Riding Course 50 Classes Rs.15,000
3. Show Jumping Course 100 Classes Rs.40,000
4. Dressage and Polo Course 150 Classes Rs.50,000
5. Guest Riding 1/2 Hrs. Rs.500
6. Cross Country 1 Hrs. Rs.1,000
7. Forest and Mountain Riding 2 Hrs. Rs.2,500
8. Only Photography with Horses --- Rs.500
9. Annual Membership --- Rs.25,000
10. Lifetime Membership --- Rs.1,00,000

BATCH TIMINGS (Including Warm-Up Session)


1st Batch - 6:00am To 7:00am | 2nd Batch - 7:00am To 8:00am

3rd Batch - 8:00am To 9:00am | 4th Batch - 9:00am To 10:00am


1st Batch - 5:00pm To 6:00pm | 2nd Batch - 6:00pm To 7:00pm


  1. Photography & Videography will be free with Horses
  2. Helmet & whip provided by us
  3. Candidate will have to purchase Horse Riding Dress & Shoes.Its compulsory for riding.
  4. Lodging Facility will be free for outdoor candidates
  5. Certification will be get after completion of the Course

About Our Training

Many people who wish to learn horseback riding have spent some time on a horse’s back, usually for joy-riding. Very few of these people have perhaps had a chance to know what it feels like to be truly connected with these beautiful animals when walking, trotting, cantering, or galloping with them. Joy rides on horses do not allow for the deeper bond and understanding of a rider’s potential with his or her horse. For those who wish to learn the A-Z of horseback riding, at both competitive and non-competitive international levels, Nagpur Horse Riding Club offers expert instruction and detailed relevant knowledge to his students to steadily bring them up to their best riding capacities.

The fundamentals of grooming a horse, feeding, and maintaining their health, are offered systematically once basic levels of riding are achieved.


This level of training focuses on students who have had none to little time on horses. Special attention is paid to proper body posture, learning how to command a horse for movement, finding your center in the saddle, controlling the pace of the horse, and proper body coordination with the horse’s movement. With instruction and practice, students progressively learn to walk, turn, trot, advancing through these levels into the canter.


Some riders return to riding after a long break and need to polish up their riding skills to take it to the next level. This improvement is achieved by careful correction of techniques, where required. Improper riding techniques limit both the horse and the rider and can also lead to premature fatigue or loss of interest in both. The joy of riding is best experienced with perfected technique so that both horse and rider are completely attuned to each other.


Experienced riders are welcome to ride our horses for a fee once our trainer is assured they know how to handle a horse properly.


All horse riders are required to wear breeches or tight jeans with boots/sneakers. Shorts/loose pants/slippers/sandles are not allowed. Helmets must be worn. Students can use the helmets available at the riding academy.